Edit Profile

1.    You are only able to change your Mobile/Sender ID, Signature, D.O.B, Email, Expiry Reminder

       and Receive SMS Reply under “User Information”. 

2.    Change of Username is not allowed. Change of Username is only allowed for Sub-account users

       using the admin account. To change your admin username, please contact us. 

3.    You can also change your password under ‘Change Password’.

4.    Click HERE to Manage Sender ID and verify your phone number. You will receive an OTP code to

       verify your phone number.

5.    You can control your users’:

  • Daily Limit, Monthly Limit.
  • Message Control.
    (YES - Sub-users cannot key in own message, they can only choose from templates)
  • Edit Address Book.
  • Phone Control.
    (YES - Sub-users must select contact number from the phone book)- Export Address Book and Signature.

How do sub-accounts work?

There are several reasons why you want to create sub-accounts. For example:

  • You want to create separate sub-accounts for each department in your organization.
  • The settings of each sub-account can be separately controlled.
  • Creating sub-accounts for each person keeps their messages separate. Each sub-account has its own sent message log and its own inbox. This might be needed for privacy reasons.
  • Each person or department can of course have their own account, but by pooling your purchases you can buy larger bundles and get better discounts. So sub-accounts create flexibility whilst combining purchasing power.

Important Sub-account

1.    Prepare your contact list based on the parameters in the CSV File as shown below:


  2.    Upload the CSV file you have prepared by clicking on the “Choose File” button.