Ensure a smooth marketing campaign with online-to-offline attribution by connecting 

Google AdWords with Novocall.

Step 1 – Access Permission

Ensure that you have administrative access for Google AdWords as well as editing permission for Google Analytics

Step 2 – Going to Linked Accounts

Sign into your AdWords account > Click the gear button > Select Linked accounts

Step 3 – Find Google Analytics

Locate Google Analytics > Click View details

Step 4 – Locate "Novocall/Your Property" in Google Analytics

You will see a list of Google Analytics properties to which you have access to here > Click "Set up link
for the property you want to link to AdWords.

Step 5 – Import Site Metrics

A pop up like the one below will appear > Select Import Site Metrics > Click Save

Congratulations! You have now linked up your Google Adwords and Google Analytics.