Step 1 : Go to the "SMS" tab menu and select "Compose SMS".

Step 2 : At Compose Menu tabs, select "CSV Compose".


1.Receive reply via SMS. 
2.Receive reply via Email. 
3.Template - Select Template to send SMS. 
4.Upload CSV File - Select and Upload CSV files to send. 
5.Duplicate No. Check - Option to remove duplicate phone number in CSV Files. 
6.Signature - add on signature after your message. e.g "Hi how are you << Company Name 
7.Message Type - key in your message there and iSMS system will auto calculate the characters remaining for you. 
8.for Normal message type, maximum 153 characters per SMS credit. 
9.for Unicode message type, maximum 63 characters per SMS credit. 
10.Click Send Now to send SMS. 
11.Click Send Later for task scheduler.